12.10.09 Interview with Ben's #2 Fan - Peter Harper

by panelphonic

Interview with Ben's #2 Fan - Peter Harper

Aside the obvious facial resemblance, Peter Harper, Ben's brother actually has a very different personality than Ben. Peter, a visual artist, bronze sculptor. Ben, a musician. But they are both lover of art and music, Peter confesses that he's the number 2 fan of Ben, after Ben's number 1 fan, his mother.

Check out an interview that I did with Peter here: http://wearepanel.com/2009/12/09/peter-harper/

12.05.09 shows????

by thush.gunadasa33525

hey does anyone have a copy of the max sessions or any of the aussie shows taped...now there is nof orum its hard to see if anyone has shows :(

i will not be broken...is the forgiven of this band its absolutely stunning..i think bens voice right now is just soaring to amazing heights...and the r7 can rock really hard together !!

11.26.09 I Will Not Be Broken

by Beagle015

Ben & the R7 at Sydney football Stadium were awesome. Man , Eddie Vedder got it right when he said Ben Harper voice of an angel plays guitar like the devil. I need to know where to get audio of " I Will Not Be Broken " the live sound of Ben's voice and that song were remarkable. That song must be released........... Awesome show guys. One note though Ben I don't know if you feel the heat or not but it was 40 degrees in the shade and you had on jeans and a long sleeve flannel shirt dude you must have been melting up there . more»