10.12.09 Back from the road

by moderator

just dropping a quick line to say to hi to everyone i ran into on the Pearl Jam / Relentless7 tour. this could have been one of the best tours ever. for real!

anyway i got good footage from the shows, and we're planning on dropping some really cool stuff on the site to shake things up a bit.

i picked up a nasty cold bug on the road, so i am keeping this short. talk to you soon.


10.12.09 life changing

by paul barrington

Ben harper, some people dont know of you, or have never heard of your music , and these people i feel incredibly sorry for. Your music has been a soundtrack of my life for many years, when i first started travelling and surfing and was givin an old tape by a french guy. it didnt have a name on it and he didnt know who it was, but i listened to that tape a thousand times. (it turned out it was " welcombe to the cruel world" ) i eventually discovered who sung those incredible soul searching songs and scince that day have treated your music as a religion. more»

10.08.09 I need my Ben fix..Ha Ha

by sounji32116

I need my Ben fix..Ha  Ha

When will Ben be in NYC?