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09.18.13 Charlotte Encounter with Ben

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Charlotte Encounter with Ben

Thank you for taking the time to talk to my husband and I after the concert at The Fillmore Charlotte. We shared our story about how I walked down the isle to "Waiting for an Angel", and then proceeded to exit as a married couple to "Forever". We appreciate your response and the big hug you gave us! This was surreal to us since we've been such big fans for so long. Your music has been such a big, positive part of our relationship, as well as an inspiration to my husband who is a musician. Thank you for being so real! Awesome Concert! God willing, we will see you again when you come anywhere near Charlotte. Here's a pic of our wedding.

Gloria and Michael Ekleberry
(aka Gigi and Ek)

09.11.13 Ben talks about his next album in Charlotte Observer interview

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Ben talks about his next album in Charlotte Observer interview

In a recent interview from The Charlotte Observer, Ben was asked by the interviewer, Courtney Devores, "what's next?" & he said his next album would be a duet record with his mom. Here is a link to the full interview, followed by the question & answer regarding Ben's next record:


Q. What’s next?

A. My next record will be a duet record with my mom.

Q. What’s that been like?

A. It’s one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and it’s not easy ’cause I’m producing it. It’s not easy asking my mom to do another take.