12.07.14 Ben Harper Fan Club

by ntornow

My friends and I have been die-hard fans since 1997 and yesterday we were talking about how much we would love to have a BH fan club similar to PJ's Ten Club or Jack White's Vault. It would be great to have an inside track on tickets, but I am thinking more along the lines of paying a yearly membership due in exchange for LPs and other rarities that would be unreleased to the public, especially bootlegs of live shows. So, has this ever been discussed among the BH faithful and if not, does anyone have ideas on how to propose this to the BH camp?

12.06.14 Ben Harper FORUM: innocentcriminals.net

by benharperfrance

Ben Harper FORUM: innocentcriminals.net

Hi all

just to let you know, we launched a NEW Ben Harper FORUM:

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11.23.14 Jimmy Carter from The Blind Boys of Alabama talks about making more music with Ben

by kevin

Jimmy Carter from The Blind Boys of Alabama talks about making more music with Ben

In a recent interview from Media Mikes, Jimmy Carter, a founding member of The Blind Boys of Alabama, mentioned the possibility of working with Ben again. Here's the quote followed by a link to the full interview:

MG (Mike Gencarelli, interviewer from Media Mikes): "You have teamed up with songwriters such as Ben Harper, Eric Clapton and Prince in the past; any more team ups planned next?"

JC (Jimmy Carter from The Blind Boys of Alabama): "I especially enjoyed working with Ben Harper. He is a great writer, a great singer and a great musician. He brought a lot to the table man. I really enjoyed working with him. I think Ben wants to do something else with us. We have to sit down and talk about it but I think he is ready…so we will see."


The Blind Boys of Alabama have a new Christmas album out with another past collaborator of Ben's, Taj Mahal. Here's a link for info on that: