06.12.15 Brazil dates!

by paulax

Actually, this blog is a try to say: Ben, you even come yet, but, please, come back soon!
Blues Festival here in Brazil is really expensive and, you know, you have a loooooot of fans here. Unfornately, a few fans can't afford this festival, but some lucky ones will go, and I know that they gonna make these concerts in Brazil awesome. Hope you have a great time here.
Well, I really hope you come back to (Brazil) Sao Paulo soon. By the way, would be really crazy if I had a chance to go to the concert in Sao Paulo! Maybe? 7 days until the concert, dream dream dreammm!
See ya! :)
(Sorry for my bad english)

06.07.15 Hoping somebody can help me...

by onelife1979

I am planning a backpacking trip and will be landing in Mardrid, Spain on July 7th. I was ecstatic when I learned Ben is putting on a show that night in Madrid. Unfortunately, tickets are sold out. If anyone is able to help me get a ticket to the show it would mean the world to me! Justin

06.04.15 East Coast Shows?

by tmd19722000@yah...

Any news on East Coast shows in cities such as NY, Phila or Boston?