06.04.15 Forever

by cshurtleff

Upcoming show: Kansas City June 05
Anticipating the show tomorrow night @CrossroadsKC I found myself refreshing my hearts memory with some downloads and live recordings on Youtube. I came across a "One Hour Live Acoustic recording" posted on 3/5/12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dJ-p-I2o7M
I was struck by the intimacy of Harper's stage presence, and his candid nature regarding a cover of Marvin Gay--you know the one. At the end of the song he mentions that some people get upset when artists do a cover, and that these songs are sacred, and shouldn't be covered. He goes on to say that he feels like it is a compliment when someone covers his songs, and that some people sing his songs better than him. I found this to be very humble.
While not on this recording, this lead me to think about a song from his 1994 Album, "Welcome to the Cruel World", Forever. This song has a special meaning to me--in more ways than one. I was only 12 years old when this song came out, but as the years passed, and i made mix tapes, then CD mixes, and now playlists on my ipod, the song continued to make its way on the list. more»

05.07.15 Warm up show for the upcoming tour?

by russdudeman

Wondering if there might be a warmup show for the upcoming tour in hopefully the LA area? Keeping fingers crossed.

04.17.15 Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite Magic City Blues Fest "All that Matters Now"

by marsstarr32446

Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite Magic City Blues Fest "All that Matters Now"

This song really touched me at my core at the Magic City Blues fest...It was a beautiful super moonlit night and the music was so relaxing yet it hit a couple of really difficult times in my life, "being blown by the wind" in a 60MPH windstorm 11 mos. earlier that I was still recovering from (I had contusions and bruised bones) and "nearly drowned in the rain" by 2005/2006 FEMA disaster #1628 (I lost everything) yet I had come out on the other side and my life was back "together" even though I was in a wheelchair traveling there from CA...the song was so moving I was drawn from sitting at the sound booth to the stage where I could really see and hear where this music was coming from. I remember watching and listening and looking up at the moon and the beautiful gigantic trees and the wind sculptures and having this overwhelming sense of peace and knowing on a core level that everything was going to be alright and I had finally come out on the other side "together" and it was all that mattered in the moment. more»