03.30.15 Epicness at The Fillmore

by AdRock75

I've been following Ben since 95. From my first BHIC show in a basketball gym in Bellingham, WA Jan 96, opening for PJ at MSG in NY where (I believe for the very first time) Ben sang Indifference w Ed, following them on the Burn to Shine tour in 99, R7 shows, first public debut of Fistful of Mercy at Easy Street Records in Seattle in 08, and MANY other Ben shows, these past 4 nights at the world famous Fillmore have (and I know this is a bold statement) been "two hands" down the best musical experience of my life!!! MUCH MUCH THANKS TO BEN AND THE INNOCENT CRIMINALS AND ALL THE VERY COOL AND HARD WORKING CREW!!!!!! AND ALL THE AWESOME BEN FANS:)!!!!!

03.29.15 Night 2 Live at the Fillmore

by catalano1589

Anyway to get link to Night 2 emailed to me? I was out of town with no access to Night 2. I have Night 1 and 3.


03.27.15 Thanks Ben and The Innocent Criminals! Great Shows At the Fillmore!!!

by sarah burke

I can't imagine getting up on stage every night...having the energy to put on a show full of great heart, night after night. But that's what always happens...because y'all are super tight! Many thanks for the music, soul, & spirit you put out there on a regular basis. It means a lot to so many. xxoo