03.29.15 Night 2 Live at the Fillmore

by catalano1589

Anyway to get link to Night 2 emailed to me? I was out of town with no access to Night 2. I have Night 1 and 3.


03.27.15 Thanks Ben and The Innocent Criminals! Great Shows At the Fillmore!!!

by sarah burke

I can't imagine getting up on stage every night...having the energy to put on a show full of great heart, night after night. But that's what always happens...because y'all are super tight! Many thanks for the music, soul, & spirit you put out there on a regular basis. It means a lot to so many. xxoo

03.19.15 Coming Full Circle with Musical Inspiration Ben Harper

by Nina Storey

Coming Full Circle with Musical Inspiration Ben Harper

I would like to share a brand new video of one of my favorite tunes by one of my musical inspirations, Ben Harper. The song is "Fight For Your Mind" and I decided to do it because he's heading out on tour with The Innocent Criminals soon, and he's been such a huge musical inspiration to me, I just thought this would be a fun, different kind of video to share with you guys. From the first time I saw him perform when he opened for PJ Harvey in Colorado, Ben changed the way I experience and perform music. He was the exquisite blend of ferocity, prodigiousness, truth and complete bad ass with reckless abandon.


To me, what was equally amazing was what happened in between his notes. In those moments, I was suspended, in anticipation of what was coming next, exhilarated by the ridiculously tight grooves and textural explosion of his guitar playing. While in other moments, I found myself breathing in a heart ache that I had not yet experienced in a live concert. more»