03.17.15 friends of Ben Harper

by geekfreak

well hi to all of you I`ve a whole lotta love for Ben Harper. been looking for the friends to talk to the well no one so any take...

03.06.15 Need 1 or 2 tix for ANY SF SHOW - PAAALLLEASE

by dt4ben

Hey everyone - Can anyone PLEASE sell me 1 or 2 tickets to ANY Ben show in SF at the Fillmore March 25th-28th for a reasonable price. F'g scalping a$$holes charging hundreds up here for any show, doesn't matter. I will pay $200 if I have to, but it pisses me off and I really don't want to, it's f'g Ben for f's sake (pardon all the almost expletives). I know he would be pissed (like all of us reasonable human beings) at this kind of dic*head behavior.

I know they were $50/face, plus charges, can anyone part for $75/per for 1 or 2 tix for any night please? THANK YOU!

send me an email and I'll get back to you asap. Thanks again.


02.05.15 Gibson named Ben one of the Top 10 Modern Blues Guitarists

by kevin

Gibson named Ben one of the Top 10 Modern Blues Guitarists

Gibson named Ben one of the Top 10 Modern Blues Guitarists. Here's what they had to say about him:

"Just like with Derek Trucks, Ben Harper's style of music span many different genres, with blues being one of the underlying inspirations. Although he's a multi-instrumentalist, Harper's signature instrument is playing acoustic slide guitar. Just listen to songs like “Homeless Child,” “Whipping Boy,” and “I Want To Be Ready” for a taste of how Harper incorporates the blues in his music."

Here's the link to check out the other guitarists on Gibson's list:


Photo by Danny Clinch http://www.dannyclinch.com/#/Photography/Showcase-2/thumbs-caption