08.17.11 Contest

by tgys20

Hey everyone, RCN is running a promotion.. Giving away free Ben Harper tickets to his show in Boston, MA @ The House of Blues. Follow the link to enter...


You can win a bunch of other cool prizes too! Check it out.
Let me know if you have any questions!!

08.13.11 live audio trades

by moonslide

It’s been a few years since I traded live audio. Are there any good web sites to download current ben harper concerts? Or are there any traders out there? I am looking for 2010 to current concerts.

08.11.11 www.lanarchisme.wordpress.com

by agedios

Hello Ben, I try to join you since few times... I'm french, from the west (next to Nantes)
my purpose is to push people (incite them) to take the power, to make politic... like an authentik democraty.
I need help from famous people, artists, intellectuals, like you for exemple... (I have a project...).
I love your music, which for me inscrite herself in the hippie spirit, and the movement of contestation of this years of history.

What I want to do, precisly, is to create a "reseau", in order that, one day this "reseau" aware of himself will go down in the street and will take the power...
I want, before, make a unity of people, a unity of awarness... to fight together for the same things : protection of the environnement and the nature, and social justice !
(Two cause, two fight, is in fact one !)

I think it's the moment in the history to instaure real democraty (ies).

I think arabe revolutions are the symbol that it is possible...

...we have to reform politic adminitration (etc) and to take the power whose hold to people.

I need your help, cause you've got a big influence... Ben. more»