10.24.11 In the Jungle

by Big B

In the Jungle

My first novel, IN THE JUNGLE, is up for sale on Amazon:


There's a Ben Harper sequence at the climax of the book.

BH fans should enjoy!


08.18.11 WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

by Big B

Liberty F-ing Mutual F-ing INSURANCE!!!?!?!?!?!?!

What the f...?!?!?!?!?!?!

I'm disappointed.

I know all the greats did it, from Led Zepplin to the Rolling Stones to the Beatles to the Doors...

I know you've got kids and bills and stuff to pay for...

But I didn't expect this from you.

Here's the worst thing about it: I could feel it at your last show. It was different. You played your 'hits'. You didn't play for the mega fan. You played for the mainstream fan. You made fans wait after the show to go backstage. You talked on stage... a lot (not that that alone is bad - just you never really did it before). The back-to-back shows I went to just felt... off. All of that is bad.

A LIBERTY MUTUAL INSURANCE COMMERCIAL is almost unforgivable. And Amen Omen, no less.

Come on! Noooo...


What's next?

Is it really all downhill from here?

06.28.11 10

by Big B

I know it's cliche - I know it's somewhat trite - but because Give Till It's Gone is Ben Harper's tenth (and final for this contract) Virgin record, I figured let's do a top 10 list. Why not? We're here - you and I - so let's take a moment and look back on BH's career. Plus, my pretty wife and I are going to the back-to-back Chicago shows - what better way to piss off the band before a show than to rank their artistic work...??? guh...

Let's rank his albums in reverse order leading to the best album he's ever released. Normally, I'd say 'good to bad', but because the man hasn't put out a 'bad' album (only Michael Jackson could do that - hardee har har), I won't. His tenth best album would be any other band's single greatest - their shining moment. For BH, it's another chronicle of music... at least that's what my ragged and rusty (and generally rummy - as in A LOT OF RUM) brain has to say about it.

Right or wrong, however heavy-handed or absolutely necessary this list is, good or bad (there I go again), here are Ben Harper's best albums in reverse order:

#10 - There Will Be A Light
Best songs: Where Could I Go, There Will Be A Light, Well Well Well more»