11.21.12 Love Each-uddah

by sam adams

Love Each-uddah


SO- today I figured out why your name is Kaleohano in the Mayan Series. You been Kaleo since I started writing in 2007- Kaleohano, a name meaning the voice (of) authority and respect,

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqF5AvERMNg&feature=related Iz so Hannnn-suuuummmmm.

I have this tricked out company that the governors office of economic development is into. Nice huh. 6 years later. Iz the REAL DEAL. Pearl Harbor. Thought we were trying HELP people. Native wilderness experience will raise funds to educate us to their ways. How long they need to be called savage before we realize we need them? DUH. 100's of years later. more»

08.29.12 good news

by sam adams

You guys are unbelievable! Thank you so so much...Prayers are priceless. I have watched the children change because of your faith. Ben Harper's words have a depth that compares to none. He is in a league of his own- warrior to the core, man. Gracias Senor!

We have found in the last week Giving all we have just when we think we have nothing left means giving up the victim attitude. It means getting outside of ourselves and finding others who need us.

Special thanks to you for peace of mind- more than ya'll know- faith of one can change the lives of many...God bless

08.14.12 Taking the Fear Out of Life

by sam adams

Taking the Fear Out of Life

Zion- Iz someone tryin to wake me up? j/k :) Thats a great pic- 2012 has brought so much moisture to ZIon National Park which is bound to make a beautiful spring.

I heard from energy on the inside Ben's shows this tour have been out of this world. Real cowgirls appreciate the hard work of real cowboys... and his respect for family life. Seems these are the only true principles that get us everywhere we've got. Thanks for all you do...What the Navajo nation has taught me is that the true language that heals all wars and misunderstanding tribe to tribe is music.

Genuine respect & Congrats Mr Harper. I have a special request- from any who have the time to read this. We need your prayers! There is a local family who has been hit with a serious incurable disease. Dr's have not been able to find answers quite yet. And the pain of this heart issue is so sad to watch. Nothing like watching a 5 day old baby boy die. Unfortunately this affects so many others on a global scale. Maybe we'll get the answers. Hopefully.

Long time favorite for several reasons:


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UA78e27R_J4 more»