Acoustic Evening w/Ben Harper


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The was by far the best one I


The was by far the best one I have seen! Loved how personal it was and the stories were great, especially the curious george one! Thanks for a great evening!! Also, wanted to take a moment and give a shout out to your crew...sound crew, management, and all the others!!! Had a chance to talk to a lot of them before the Portland show and they were some of the nicest guys I've met while standing outside waiting for the chance to meet an artist!!! You can feel the family vibe you all have and you can also tell they absolutely love their jobs and love working for Ben! Sometimes as fans we forget the people behind the scene that help bring the music to the stage and for all of us to experience. Thanks again for everything that you all do!!! Wish I could come to Seattle for tonight's show!!! Bless up and thanks for the pics, autograph, and great conversation! Hopefully see you all the next time!!!

Michelle Wilcox