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Paris Sunrise

I met Ben Harper through the internet because of my boyfriend Raul Villarreal, and I loved it, specially the song Paris Sunshine. We both live in Mexico and I love weird or rare instruments. I myself play an arab drum called Darbukah or Derbake and I love how Ben plays whatever instrument it is (a kind of old fashioned violin or mandolin) horizontally and with a slide (guitar prop) in this amazing song. I've never seen this before and the sound is amazing. I also think Ben has one of the greatest and more diversified repertoire in the history of music and the most wonderful part is almost all these songs (lyrics and music) are his own creation. As a musician and singer I know this is something hard to find. Anyhow in some other of Ben's songs I heard something I could say is valid to describe Paris Sunshine and all of this amazing musician's songs and lyrics. If your hart is not in it... (it ain't worth it) or as that old jazz standard would say It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing.
Ben Harper has swing, style and such a big heart. Listen to him, the experience might transform your soul.