Wake Forest 2010

Wake Forest 2010
Best concert of my life
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Wake Forest-Campus Consciousness Tour

This is my favorite pic. from that evening. I keep it on my desk at work-which really seems to get my students' attention ;) I don't have the words to describe how beautiful and moving Ben's acoustic set was in that setting. The chapel seemed to be made just for him to open with "Power of the Gospel." Of course, the mood quickly adapted for the entrance of the Relentless 7. What an amazing transition. Perfect mix of the old Ben I love and the new Relentless 7 sound. I felt privileged just to be there, observing the performance of someone who is truly a master artist. Not only is Ben one of the best guitarists who ever graced the stage, he is my favorite songwriter bar none. What a gifted lyricist. The poetry of his lyrics always move me. I am excited about where the new band is taking the music and look forward to hearing more in the future-anxiously awaiting the release of "I Will Not Be Broken" and still wondering how Jason and Jesse keep the rhythm with the gum ??? On a selfish note, I am really hoping Ben will find the time to record and release a classical guitar album.
Thanks guys! It really was the time of my life.