Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite performing You Found Another Lover (I Lost Another Friend) live at Shepherds Bush Empire on 16th July 2013.

Despite rarely coming to the the UK, this was the 5th time I've been lucky enough to see Ben Harper in concert. An added bonus, that this time, it was with the legend that is Charlie Musselwhite and band...

A great concert which seemed to get better and better as the show went on and was full of passion and emotion - sadly, like all good things, it had to come to an end! Such a great venue to house such talented artists, it was the perfect blend. It was clear to see (even without Ben having to say it) how much he was enjoying the night - still, I'd like to think that the fans were enjoying it even more.

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thanks for the video.

we've also managed to see ben 5 times in London (since 2006) - and we'll make it six in april.
(we're standing at the front just to the left of charlie)

it was a really good gig - surpassed for me only by the first time we saw him in 2006 at the appollo (both sides of the gun tour)

thanks again

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heartfelt expressions


I would never cheat on you if we were in a relationship. I have never cheated on any of my past relationships. I am a faithful woman to a fault, maybe that's why I have been single for so long. No one really cares about a faithful woman these days. You deserve the best Mr. Harper and a trusting and supportive mate is just what you should have. I was cheated on throughout the past relationships I have been in, and it is very painful...No turning back. Your passion and sincerity will bring you the ability to be able to change the words to this song. Never give up...Get Up!!! Sustain your dream, your passion and expression of love and you will have many more songs to sing aloud and create.