Masterpiece - Live @ Warfield SF - 2011

Another great moment in a concert full of them. Ben shared a new song with us, and it's beautiful. I believe new songs live life to the fullest when they are first played.

Another great moment from the show...Ben picked a few people out of the audience to sing the line "you're better than I deserve" to...after about two people, he pointed at me and said - "you in the tie dye, you're better than I deserve". Then, after the show, he told me he liked my shirt. It was a hero-geek moment, for sure, such a humble cat.


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Masterpiece from Ben Harper


D.J. Stipe,
Sorry, but did you mean the song which is called "Masterpiece" with the following link?

I have seen the song "Where could I go" Live in SF in 2011 as I clicked on your link.