New Song - "Wide Open Light" live at Taormina (07/25/12)

Published on Jul 26, 2012 by piccolaclair

New song by Ben Harper.
Live at Teatro Greco of Taormina

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Helping those lost souls move on!

I kept hearing a strange knocking @ the back of my house that is 208 years old, and a part of the slave history in the south. I have a past time of viewing ghost series which are popular now and ever expanding throughout America. It was called a "residual" knocking, one that isn't malicious or as active. I began playing Ben's new song entitled "Wide open Light" in that back room @ night. I encouraged any restless spirits who hadn't crossed over to do so with the song which inspires me every time I hear it. The knocking has since ceased and there is a peaceful calm in my home. It's not that we push away those things that we do not understand, we try and do our best to help them and show them love even after death. God Bless you Mr. Harper for this song, because it can heal those who are here and those who are not. God always bless!!!!

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Thank you!


Thank you for this great video!

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Beautiful Song!

The light chases out every trace of the darkness.