Masterpiece (live on Terra 12.02.2011)

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My fiancé and I went to the June 5th show at Kansas City and I fell in love with this song!! I was moved to tears, it's beyond beautiful and my fiancé that has been joking around that he doesn't want to do a first dance agreed that this song is perfect. He introduced me to Ben Harper, he's been to at least a dozen shows all over the US to see him and now I'm a fan. ANY way anyone has it on an mp3 for us to have for our wedding???? Thanks so much!!

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masterpiece is in what album?? i`m trully in love with this song ...

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I saw you Play this in

I saw you Play this in Brisbane, Australia a couple of weeks ago... It is an amazing song and I am in awe of you talent.

I would love to know where i could buy this song so that I can use it in my wedding. Please let me know :)

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Masterpiece audo

Did you ever have any luck getting an audio version?