My Father's House (live at Kennedy Center Honors)


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Quina preciositat!

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una sola e unica parola.....

una sola e unica parola..... MERAVIGLIOSO !

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As I watched this, Ben, I was

As I watched this, Ben, I was reminded of you saying that you knew from a young age that you wanted to make people happy with music the way your grandmother did. Hats off to you.

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My Fathers House


You've inspired me to take up Lap Steel man.

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I love it!

A fantastic version, of a fantastic song. So much nerve and intensity.
Enjoy life.

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Fan Tastic

Absolutely stunning.
Every song you deliver seriously deserves a standing ovation.
You never seem to fail your audience.
You seem to give life to the instruments you play
and it somehow perfectly harmonizes with your voice.

I'm a fan.

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Ben, if you read this, ....its wonderful to hear/see you putting your soulful music into good as only you can do . May your dreams continue to be real.....

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Can't buy it !


I live in Brazil , would love to have this tune , already have the older version by Ben , but neither Amazon nor iTunes allows mp3 to be bought outside the US...

Anyway , great interpretation , great song , good ol' Ben !


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There are a few artists out there where you can not only hear their music... listen to their music... but FEEL their music.

Ben Harper leads that pack.


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Just amazing.

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Thank you very much for the

Thank you very much for the video, nice work :)

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Thank you

Thank you for this very nice song!