Ohio (A Musicares' Tribute To Neil Young)

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Ben Harper's performance of "Ohio" at the 2010 Musicare Tribute to Neil Young was THE Stand-Out Performance of this Tribute -- and that's saying something because all of the performances were excellent. I am a Caucasian female from Chicago who was the girlfriend of a Marine (Hispanic) who served in Viet Nam -- and I vividly remember the shootings at Kent State University in Ohio, on which this song is based. I also have vivid memories of who the Draftees were in that War -- African Americans, Hispanics, and Caucasians who could not afford to attend college -- until President Nixon initiated The Draft and eliminated The College Deferment. I was not familiar with Ben Harper or his music until I watched this Musicare Tribute to Neil Young -- but I intend to listen to much much more of his music ASAP. Excellent Job, Mr. Harper... :-)