Don't Give Up On Me Now

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jvyrd's picture

Always delivers

Brought me to tears. Thanks, Ben.

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Very good!!!!!

Very good!!!!!

tonyacls's picture

I hear poetry and feel

I hear poetry and feel inspiration when I hear your music and your talent propels me to embrace my own art. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.
See you in Boston!

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I will never give up on you...

Ben: Thank you for making this album. Thank you for opening yourself up more than ever before. Your honesty, devotion and music inspire me each and everyday. Can't wait to see you on the 30th at the Vic...

Cassandra's picture

Don't Give Up On Me Now

Your thoguhts and feelings which flow throughout your melody are words of much depth and meaning. And very soothing. I fell asleep listening to your new album, woke up and now I'm stuck; stuck awake, it's too late and I gotta get some sleep. Listening to your sounds I know I'll have sweet dreams. Thanks!