Lay There & Hate Me

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Love the video

Great video Ben, very seventies!

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this is one funky song

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Love it.

It's offbeat, I like it.
It's refreshing to see the beauty of the female form used in a film clip without it being sleazy.
I like how the seductiveness of the woman is presented as a background to the male presence. And how she is just laying there, and standing there, and she is seductive just in her matter-of-fact presence, without being sexually aggressive or overt.
The 70s style shadowing thing is a bit Dr Who for me though hahahaha

Just wondering what the significance of the blood is? Is it blood? Or poison? That he's breathing in?

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Great song!

Great song!

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Lay there and hate me.

Nice cool video. Reminds me of a james bond movie opening with the women in the background.nice.

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< >

"...never trust a woman who loves the blues...."

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Cool video!

Great video. I love the 1970's meets 21st century feeling to it. One of my favorite songs from WLDT.
Enjoy life!