The Word Suicide

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Love is a lonely...

This is surely no way to live, and it's no way to die...thoughts of suicide flooded my mind. I heard your voice, there wasn't a choice. You knew what I felt as the lonliness swelled. Billows and waves crashing hard against my heart. Grandma said to tired to live, but so afraid to die. I think I'll go on, because I heard his song. He knows how I felt. Life ain't so bad... I'm breathing. Thanks for saving my life yet another day... it ain't so bad!

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Awesome sound and great lyrics...

Peace m\/

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I really love this song.

I really love this song. Might be my favorite from White Lies..

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Beautiful video for a

Beautiful video for a beautiful song....well done!!

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The Word Suicide

Great video guys. I was a little worried when the Innocent Criminals broke up but Relentless7 is everything and more. Live in Montreal was amazing. Keep it up, and come back to Toronto soon.

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Great job!!!! Love it!
I keep listening and watching in a loop....
Scott you are a natural director and yes, I want more!!!! Very impressive!!!
Ben... amazing song... hits home...
Merci Merci Merci!

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Love it!

I absolutely love that this was shot on a flip! Think it might make it into my top 3 favorite videos! Congrats guys!