Both Sides Of The Gun

Ben Harper

Disc 3 — Tracks 1-3 live in Nashville, Aug 2, 2005.
Track 4 live in Atlanta, Aug 1, 2005.
Track 9 live in Denver, Jul 19, 2005.

Press Release:

silverlake, california:

i loaded into the boat studio (and it is shaped like a boat), the dust brother's place, with only the instruments, amps, effects, etc. that i knew would have the best chance of making the cut. was still way too much, but a lot made it on. startling to see what my house looks like without the wall to wall eccentricities.

it was great to get a chance to stretch out on some drums. they were my first instrument and i had been looking for a chance to get back to them for a while. i also knew when the task was over my head. i always look forward to working with string quartet/quintet scenarios and this record provided the opportunity to expand on that. in truth, i am a classical musician trapped in a slide guitar player.

every sequence we made before it became a double record seemed unfinished, needing more of one thing or less of another. having made records of different sounds and styles within the same record and having discovered the strength of uniformity with the blind boys of alabama, suddenly both were attainable, though methods unconventional. BOTH SIDES OF THE GUN. not a double record. side A and side B. and i'd appreciate your help in deciding which is which 'cause for me it depends on the time and place.



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