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I am excited to see you in a few weeks @edgefield in Troutdale , OR. This album is great! It reminds me of your early years! I hope you play some of your older cuts too at your concert!

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It's Been A Longtime

This album reminds me of why I began listening to Ben Harper back in the mid-nineties. There is something to be said of a certain feel, certain sound and level of creative passion of which centers someone with a particular musician. I've felt I've wanted to grow along with or evolve with the music Ben Harper was producing, however, I lost interest for a while. I felt like there was something missing for quite a few years and I couldn't surrender myself to the sound until now. There is a raw element in "Give Till It's Gone," that I haven't felt or connected with since his first handful of albums..."Welcome to the Cruel World, Fight For Your Mind & The Will To Live," as well as his "Live From Mars," album and parts of "Burn To Shine." It's as if he isn't conforming to ideals others want him to conform to anymore...there is freedom, joy, passion & pain...a subtle playfulness and a hint of laughter; Their are emotions & beauty we are able to connect with again. Letting go of everything...we gain the world, this is beyond beautiful, this album is beyond beautiful.



Just when I thought your creative ability for new styles with your music
couldn't possibly reach any further, once again your music has
a hold of me from across the world. Don't give up on me now is yet
another song in which I sound track a period in my life.
Thank you for that.

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Thank you

From de "Cruel world" to "Give till it´s gone", each album give us new sensations, new vissions, more and more greattings to our souls.......really, thanks Mr. Harper for beeing so natural.

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19 years of great music

Excellent album Ben, great job! After "White Lies For Dark Times" here we are with another milestone of music!!!

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Good job Ben! It's excellent

Good job Ben! It's excellent album.

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More and More

I love you more and more with each album Ben....

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Give Till it's Gone - love it

Love it , Great album Ben

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when will this be released in uk?

Can't get on iTunes.