Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals

Total runtime: 40:54

Track 12 live in Washington, Jun 18, 2007.

Erratum: Package states "Lifeline (Live From Australia) Japan Only Bonus Track."

Press Release:

I had always wanted to make a record in Paris....because it's Paris. And I had always wanted to make a record directly coming off of a tour. It just makes sense. You've got all your best equipment and your musical abilities are never as sharp or as heightened as when you've been consistently on the road.

So after 9 months of touring, and at the close of an 8 week tour of Europe, my band The Innocent Criminals and I loaded directly off the road and into an elegantly humble recording studio in Paris called "Studio Gang." The record, entitled Lifeline, was recorded and mixed in 7 days on a 16 track analog tape machine. There were no computers or pro-tools used anywhere in the process.

- Ben


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