By My Side

Format: CD

Virgin Records America #79961
United States 509999 79961 2 5

By My Side

Ben Harper with Relentless7


cbakker's picture


hearing this song was for me a most beautiful moment.
i heart-fully thank you for sharing.

awelch43's picture

Good Vibes

Your music really gets to me man, you suffer terribly from terminal uniqueness. ......... Thanks Ben

Misun's picture

Thank you Ben

Thank you Ben for great music and boiling passion. I was at your Sydney concert yesterday and well you certainly have burning passion, I think I was dreaming your music last night :)

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I'm just listening "By my side" and chills are running on my skin with "Beloved One" and "Not Fire Not Ice".

Melancholy, atmospheric, beautiful versions.

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Very good! unbelievable

Very good! unbelievable vibration... GOLD TO ME