(Video) A House Is A Home

Ben Harper
Original Artist: 
Ben & Ellen Harper

a house is a home even when it's dark
even when the grass is overgrown in the yard
even when the dog is too old to bark
and when you're sitting at the table trying not to starve

a house is a home even when there's ghosts
even when you gotta run from the ones who love you most
screen door's broken paint's peeling from the wood
locals whisper when they gonna leave the neighborhood

a house is a home where the chores are never done
where you spend your whole life running to and from
and if the life that you live is not the life you choose
make your child a home and start anew

a house is a home
even when we've up and gone
even when you're there alone
a house is a home

Listen to the world premiere of "A House Is a Home" at Rolling Stone.


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A House is a Home

First heard this at Weill Hall Green Music Center. As with many of BH songs... it hit me at such a core level...I Had been traveling between 2 homes for 5 yrs. and hadn't ever really felt settled into either one of them, coupled with having been the primary caregiver for my aging parents at my childhood home not too much earlier. I never felt like my house was a home. After hearing this song performed with Ellen, I came home after the concert and really felt like I was home, never looked at my home the same way again. Amazing what music can do...Thank you Ben and Ellen. "Mi Casa Es Su Casa" Nice article in Rolling Stone. I'm impressed!

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A simply delicious song. Ben,

A simply delicious song. Ben, please, come to play to Madrid and brings your mum too!. My home is your house ...;)

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A house is a home

LOVE LOVE LOVE this song!!!!