Better Than I Deserve

Ben Harper
Original Artist: 
Ben Harper

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1st time in Brazil!

I listened to this song in Porto Alegre - Brazil in december 3rd, 2011. It was the first time he played it in Brazil and it was just BEAUTIFUL!
I wish I could listen to it again live :)
He is pure energy.
Luv it!

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Thanks guys

Really cool song guys!! another one that goes through your skin and mind right the first time you hear it, just like "Loving you is my masterpiece"....knowing we've been the first to hear it live is just priceless...

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Great song! Honoured for

Great song! Honoured for having listened to it the first time it was performed!

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Premiere at Villafranca

Listened last night at Castello Scaligero; guess it was a premiere.
Fantastic song. Hope someone recorded it and share.

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There's a quick-made video of

There's a quick-made video of it on Youtube... no good quality but quite near the stage.

It was a wonderful evening, and weather has been kind because forecast was really bad, and rain showers wet neighbourhood all around by 10 km...

I wasn't expecting a 2-and-a-half hours show, latest music shows I attended run for about 1.30-1.40 at best, and it's been top class show for every minute (especially Where could I go, and Amen Omen - my favourite)!

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Amen Omen...I'm in love with

Amen Omen...I'm in love with that song! And they played it soon after Walk away, which is another of my favourites!