Born To Love You

Ben Harper
Original Artist: 
Ben & Ellen Harper

was thinking just the other day
of something i've been trying to say
but i couldn't find the way
to tell you i was born to love you

some born to lose
some born to win
they say we're all born into sin
that's a hard way to begin
but i was born to love you

some come in with a burden
heavy hearted and hurting
who's unworthy who's deserving
but i was born to love you

some made for days some made for nights
some to stand up for what's right
no matter how hard the fight
i was born to love you

i love you
i live you
i love to live you
i live to love you

i was born to love you


Lupita70's picture

Keep Waiting

I keep looking for this song to be released. I seen you in San Francisco in November and fell in love with this song. Hope to see it released soon. Can't wait to see you in concert again.

masediggity9's picture

Remarkable song

When can this song become available on iTunes, Spotify, etc.? I was floored by it at the symphony hall performance in SF. One of your best songs ever, which is saying something. I want it available in some fashion other than the iPhone video on YouTube!

manicsinger6398's picture

Born to love you in SF

Thank you so much for last night in SF....truly an honor to see you perform again. Born to love you and your rendition of Hallelujah left us speechless. Thanks again until next time...a lifelong fan.