Play Song (Video) Don't Give Up On Me Now

Original Artist: 
Ben Harper

time it opens all wounds
trust gonna put me in the tomb
the world isn't mine
the world isn't mine to save
i can't afford to lose
what you easily throw away

it's not what we do
it's what we do with what we feel
takes all you have to stare him down
and whisper devil no deal
i don't want to fight
don't want to fight my father's war
you can wait your whole life
not knowing what you're waiting for

i don't even know myself
what it would take to know myself
i need to change i don't know how
don't give up on me now

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dpleisner72939's picture

I wont give up on you

Thank you Ben for this amazing song. I heard it yesterday for the first time and I'm in love with it and with you ;-). Hope to see you in the Netherlands next year. Peace and Joy to you, Lovie

diogo's picture


This song is amazing!
We´re waiting you in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil for another classic show!!!
Jah bless!

testabeat's picture

New Album

Hey Ben I'm so exited 'bout this album. Evry one it's like a mistery, you know what i mean.. it's like a gigantic "?" before having it. I will enjoy it? what we'll be new? who's playing whit you? who're the musicians?The relentless, The innocent crinuìals or someone else?
i like surprises.