(Video) Masterpiece

Also Known As: 
Loving You Is My Masterpiece
Ben Harper
Original Artist: 
Ben Harper

could paint the sun and the moon
and the stars straight down from the sky
carve your likeness in stone
down to the light that shines in your eyes
build a church in your honor
stained glass windows facing east
loving you is my masterpiece

love you for who you are
i love you for who you may never be
from downtown all the way up to 142nd street
and all of my possessions mean less than the very least
loving you is my masterpiece

there's no time like now
there is no place like here
so throw your loving arms around me dear
and i'll lean on you like a beggar
leans upon the moonlit streets
loving you is my masterpiece


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In love...

I first heard this song at Ben's 10/5/11 show at 9:30 in DC - and am now obsessed. This song moved me to tears. I'm getting married in May 2012, and the moment I heard this I decided I'd LOVE to walk down the aisle to this song. Unfortunately, it's not recorded yet. Does anyone have any idea when there might be a recording of this? I REALLY hope before next May!

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Please Please Please

Record this song. I want to listen to it and sing it for my baby. It was so beautiful it made me cry. Thank you for writing it. I wish I could download it on itunes.

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I have no words, this song truly is a masterpiece..Ben you're so great!

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Does anyone have a recording of this song??

franklin.a.lyons38485's picture

Does anyone have a better

Does anyone have a better recording?

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Masterpiece audo

Anyone have any luck finding an mp3 for Masterpiece? Or perhaps figure out a way to download the audio track from the terratv link?

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Loved this song!! Ben is such

Loved this song!! Ben is such a master at writing meaningful love songs. This new one is right up there with Forever and Not Fire, Not Ice!