Play Song Waiting For You

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Ben Harper

i've been waiting for you
never found anything else to do
but waiting for you

i've been calling your name
never found anything else the same
nothing's the same

i keep hearing your name
nothing else sounds the same
as hearing your name

i've been hoping for you
what else can i do
but keep hoping for you

you can kill a lot of time
if you really put your mind to it
or leave it all behind
and never go through it

what else can i do

keep waiting for you

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juarez's picture

Waiting For You

This is one of my favorites. It always brings me back into focus, and reminds me that there is a greater love that we carry in our souls...One that we are all Waiting For. The video is also spectacular and my head swims in the simple ride in the vehicle through the streets, the destination reached is superb.