Play Song Widow Of A Living Man

Ben Harper
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Ben Harper

Mama why does he treat me so cold
why do I feel so old
how long has he treated me unkind
or have I always been so blind

I'm the widow of a living man

Why can't the times stay the same
now I am begging him to change
what about all the plans we made
now I am so afraid

I'm the widow of a living man

Why does he hurt me so
I'm gonna need someplace to go
he's no longer some kind woman's son
mama I think that I had better run

I'm the widow of a living man

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Laura Toth's picture

No more missing out for me

Just saw on the last played list it was played in Sydney (aus) doh! Can't believe I've missed that tour I spoose that's what happens when your a stay at home single mum ay : )