12.31.00 Special Holiday Message From Ben

Hello all at .net. Happy Holidays and New Year. I would like to thank everyone for making this year what it has been for myself and the Innocent Criminal crew. Your coming out to the shows, and keeping in touch on the web is amazing for us to see and be a part of. I hope through music we (Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals) continually reflect our gratitude and appreciation. Some nights I have all the energy in the world after shows and can meet people, some nights I'm tired after the show, but I'll hang any way, even if it means being a little out of it, and some nights I'm just too drained, and in those cases, I split straight away after the show, but in all the situations, my appreciation remains the same, and I thank you for understanding. We are very close to completing the double live disk, one disk BHIC, and the other me and guitar acoustic, and I'm looking forward to getting that out. I had a great time in Aspen. Thank you for making the trip to all those who traveled in as well as to the locals. I've only done a handful of solo shows over the past number of years, and it's quite different filling space for two hours by yourself, compared to being with the band. I enjoyed it very much, but also missed the Criminals. It's New Year's Eve day, and I've got a ton of errands so I'm gonna jump, but once again, thank you all for being such a strong part of the music we make. See you in 2001!!!