08.25.10 Fistful of Mercy

Fistful of Mercy

Fistful of Mercy is Joseph Arthur, Ben Harper, and Dhani Harrison.


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I hate to say it but I'm not to crazy about this new sound... Yet.

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fistful of mercy

you all should check out the performance posted above this entry - it explains all as far as i'm concerned - excellent

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Que Pasa hoy?

I got a belly full of white dog crap and now you lay this shit on me?!?

As my two-year-old would say -- "What is this?"

What is this? New band? Just f-ing around? Exploring? Joking? Not laughing?

Who's sick? Is he okay?

I want answers!
You want answers?
I think I'm entitled to.
You want answers?
I want the truth!

I can't handle the truth! AhhhH!!!!

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Amazing song...truly inspiring, you are an incredible

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I have liked every project

I have liked every project Ben has been associated with. This is just another great song from a truly great muscian. Can't wait to hear more.

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Overall, I enjoyed the song.

Overall, I enjoyed the song. I'm not sure if I am crazy about it. I would like to hear more and see if Ben is the true frontman. What does this do to the new cd with Relentless 7?

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How great to be hit with a fistful of mercy on this wednesday afternoon!

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This song is fantastic & I am

This song is fantastic & I am so excited about this new group Ben is a part of! I can't wait to hear more! What a great surprise!