03.09.10 Hulu launches Ben Harper channel, Live from Montreal out!

Hulu launches Ben Harper channel, Live from Montreal out!

In celebration of today's CD/DVD release of Ben Harper and Relentless7 "Live from the Montreal International Jazz Festival", Hulu has launched the Ben Harper and Relentless7 channel featuring a limited screening of the entire Montreal DVD and a collection of dozens of music videos and live performances. "Live from Montreal" is available now with two bonus instant downloads at the Ben Harper Shop, a bonus track at iTunes and available at fine retailers everywhere.


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I bought the CD/DVD from benharper.com, and I'm happy with the release, except from the fact that "Good Times, Bad Times" wasn't included on the CD or the DVD. I would like to have an official reason for why this great song was left out? We who bought it from benharper.com should have at least gotten the song as a bonus download. Does the people at benharper.com think it's fair to have the fans pay 10 bucks for the iTunes version to get one song that has been left out, as it's an album only deal on iTunes?

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live from montreal

is there a date when this will be available in the u.k.? couldn't find it in london today, alas...