03.23.03 Ben Harper Live on Channel V in Australia

Ben Harper will catch up with the
Channel [V] Billabong Bus at Broken Hill in Australia for a solo acoustic performance. Tune in down under to Channel V, live on Monday 3-24 5:00 to 7:00 PM Sydney time. Read a brief review in the On The Road.

03.21.03 Ben Harper "Diamonds on the Inside" Consumer Notice

If you recently bought a U.S. pressing of the compact disc "Diamonds on the Inside" by Ben Harper, you may have received a copy that includes copy protection technology that was intended for use in advance copies. The compact discs embodying this technology are designed to play in all devices that play compact discs, including computers and car stereos. However, you will not be able to make mp3, CD or other digital copies of these CDs. Please visit Virgin Records America, Inc. for the complete memo and recall information.

03.11.03 DIAMONDS ON THE INSIDE in stores everywhere!

Ben Harper's long-awaited fifth studio album "Diamonds On The Inside" is now available in stores everywhere! Preview the tracks on the Ben Harper Jukebox and see what everyone's talking about in the new "Diamonds On The Inside" Message Board. Also visit The Official Ben Harper Store to check out the album and a slew of new gear!