12.10.02 Subtitled "Pleasure + Pain" DVD now available in France

Just a quick note to all of our French-speaking fans... Virgin France released a special subtitled version of "Pleasure + Pain" today in stores. Get it now on DVD and VHS (PAL format only). The standard English version is available here.

12.09.02 Ben surprises crowd at Jack Johnson KROQ show

During Jack Johnson's set at last night's "KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas" show in Universal City, CA, Ben surprised the crowd with a slide guitar performance on the Band of Gypsy's "Who Knows" and Jack's hit song "Flake". Click here for a complete list of Ben Harper/Jack Johnson live performances.

11.26.02 Win a snowboard! "Pleasure + Pain" DVD in stores now

The new DVD from Ben Harper is now available in stores. Directed by acclaimed rock photographer Danny Clinch, "Pleasure + Pain" is packed with 90 minutes of live performances, backstage interviews, and never-before-seen behind the scenes footage. The DVD includes more than 30 minutes of bonus material, including studio rehearsals, live bootleg cuts, and much more. Click here for details and enter to win a limited edition snowboard!