11.15.01 Innocent Criminal side project news

On November 12 in Hollywood, CA, Innocent Criminal percussionist Leon Mobley partook in the 12th Annual NAACP Theatre Award for Best Play in Los Angeles for his work with the Robey Theatre Company in "For the Love of Freedom", a musical about Toussaint L'Overture. He also

was nominated for Best Musical Director. Congratulations Leon! more»

11.06.01 "I Am Sam" articles in L.A. Times, Billboard, Rolling Stone

Today's edition of the Los Angeles Times features the history behind the soundtrack to the upcoming film "I Am Sam", starring Sean Penn and Michelle Pfeiffer. Due out early next year, the soundtrack boasts all Beatles cover tunes, including "Strawberry Fields Forever" by Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals. Click here for the complete track list. more»

11.01.01 New "On The Road" Photos From Barcelona And Bridge School

Check Out A Plethora Of New Photos From The Mad Gig In Barcelona, Spain This Summer And The Second Night Of The Bridge School Benefit In On The Road.