12.11.01 European 2001 Summer Tour photos updated

Check out twenty-seven photos from the band's last show this summer in Nyon, Switzerland and another six from Rome, Italy in On The Road.

12.10.01 "Strawberry Fields Forever" might be next "I Am Sam" single

In a recent article at news.excite.com, V2 Records president Andy Gershon said he hopes Ben Harper's "Strawberry Fields Forever" will be the second single from the highly anticipated soundtrack to "I Am Sam". The track has been floating around the Internet via promos, and many radio stations have spun the entire soundtrack in their rotations. The soundtrack is scheduled for release Jan. 8 on V2 Records; the film is set for release beginning Dec. 28.

12.05.01 The lowdown on J Train (and the upcoming performance)

If you're in the San Francisco bay area for the New Year's Eve private party, prepare yourself for J Train. A six-piece band from Southern California, J Train is a collaboration of Joe Aranda on drums, Jimmy Gonzales and Steve Moreno on guitars, Larry Jobe on keyboards, rounded out with J.R. Lira on drums and Innocent Criminal funkmaster Juan Nelson on bass. When he's not touring with the Innocent Criminals, Juan plays some of his favorite songs with J Train. The New Year's Eve show will showcase J Train from A-Z. For more information check out Juan's post on the Message Board.