11.05.92 Claremont, CA

Pitzer College

I Was There
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Ben Harper & Tom Freund Setlist

Set list not available for this show.

Ben Harper and Tom Freund with local guest musicians.

Who Went

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Yeah I was there! I had moved to Rancho Cucamonga from San Clemente and was lost in the Inland Empire... Ben worked behind the counter at Claremont Folk Music Center, I met him there. I played a lot of harmonica back then usually with older guys... Ben was playing an old Blues song circa the 1920's the day I met him... we were probably one of maybe ten or twenty guys in the whole world our age who even knew that song existed and here we were in the same place. I knew I was meeting someone exceptional. When Ben played at Pitzer he did a lot of songs that wound up on Welcome to the Cruel World 'Mama Has A New Girlfriend' is one that I remember clearly...I think he did 'Walk Away' and 'Waiting On an Angel'. My friend was playing percussion for him at the time and he insisted I bring my harmonicas with me and play in front of the stage while the band played. Eventually Ben heard me over the noise of the crowd and said, "Get a mic on that." A second later I was onstage and that was that... I've played with a lot of musicians since then, but Ben is still in my eyes the most talented one in my generation and I miss that we didn't get a chance to play following that. He got signed to Virgin and I reconnected with my Dad after 15 years... so we went separate ways. It was an amazing concert and a great experience... just a sign of things to come..