11.25.95 Bolognia, Italy

Roxy Bar Centergross

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1995-11-25 - Roxy Bar - Bolognia, Italy

Italian variety TV appearance with the band. Ben was interviewed between songs. "Fight For Your Mind" was played on its own (without "Gold To Me"). View a photo of the performance at www.roxybar.it.

Who Went

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i was there at this show, and i was 16, i think i this is like a system restore point of my music life, and one of the reasons that made me want to play music, also today
jan 2006

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i forget to say that I posted my review today, december 19, 2004.
bye bye

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15 days ago italian tv aired this show. i taped it. it was amazing see Ben, Leon, Juan and oliver playng Ground on Down, Fight for your mind and Voddo Chile. during the performance, program host showed Ben a paint by Jimi Hendrix and Ben was gratefull for that. then, after the show, Ben and the host came to his home in bologna, and Ben played an acustic Gibson Jimi's guitar,
the host said thart ben played and crying, in the same time.that was a amazing tale.
anyway,was incredible that Ben, in '95, was already so so loved in italy.
tato italy