06.15.96 Burgettstown, PA

Star Lake Amphitheatre with Dave Matthews Band

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Star Lake Amphitheatre - Burgettstown, PA

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This was my first concert ever. I went to see dave but ben and the boys totally blew up the spot. I thought I had just discovered one of the badest men in the land (behind B. Marley, D. Marley and Dave for me). I had just graduated high school and during my senior I had life altering moments with marley and dmb. we were gifted a limo ride to the show for graduation and my friend and I dropped a couple of doses, watched e. murphy RAW on the way there, got our spot in the front of the lawn and BHIC came out and started with a concrete jungle segue and I was hooked. The pure emotion and spirit the they bring to the stage is paralleled by few and I hold each song dear to me from that day. Ben blazed, Dave played #41, the doses set the mood nicely and from then on Ben has been on constant playlist mode. I have met haters of Dave and Ben throughout the years and I never comprehended why. Nothing but passion and raw energy from both, the best way to start my live musical career ever.