07.20.96 Nice, France

Nice Jazz Festival

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Nice Jazz Festival - Nice, France

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When Fight For Your Mind (in 1995) was just about to be released I was lucky enough to work many of their early shows in Northern California. The following summer I went to Italy only to hear that Ben would be at the Nice' Jazz Festival at the same time. A friend who was traveling in Europe at the same time agreed to meet me in the French Riviera just to see BHIC. In Nice', Leon and I talked as he headed towards the backstage area. When we reached the heavily guarded area, my friend and I were prepared to part, and head for the jam packed crowd, then Leon said, Where are you going? You're with us! So we found ourselves backstage as the band was getting ready. When they took the stage we were told to stay close by, since we were the only 2 people without backstage passes around our necks. After a few songs, Ben introduced the band, then added, I'd also like to thank my friends from San Francisco for coming all the way out here to be with us tonight. My first thought was to look around to see who he was talking about, then it hit me, he just thanked ME, & Gregg, in front of 15 thousand people for wanting to see him!! I was the one who was giving thanks, and here his is, showing sincere gratitude. After the show Oliver gave me a drumstick that he used that night, and it still remains one of my most treasured items from the early days of BHIC. This is the exact setlist from that night, and I wrote it on the back of a train ticket that I had used to reach Nice' from Italy.
1. Ground On Down
2. The Three Of Us
3. Voodoo Chile
4. Don't Take That Attitude To Your Grave
5. Homeless Child
6. Gold To Me
7. Fight For Your Mind
8. Burn One Down
9. The Will To Live
encore 10. Like A King
11. I'll Rise