08.19.96 Palo Alto, CA

The Edge with Philosophy Kings

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My first Ben show... I had heard the Philosophy Kings on KFOG before, and thought they were OK. At the show they exceeded my expectations and impressed me with the vigor they brought to the accoustic guitar.
Ben, of course was awsome. This relatively small and intimate venue was a great place to be introduced to his live experience. I think I recall him giving a shout-out to the guy who invented the weissenborne (sp?) and whose son may have been in the audience. Someone passed a Got Pot? tee-shirt up to the stage, which Ben seemed to get a kick out of. Unfortunately, this didn't inspire him to play Burn One Down (which I had been hoping to hear). In short, this show marked the day that I changed from being a casual fan to a true believer. I would love to hear from anyone else that was at this show.