10.22.97 Brussels, Belgium

Ancienne Blegique with DJ Evil Vince

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My friend Brian and I bought tickets to the show in a scalping scene that put anything I'd ever scene to shame. Haggling in 5 languages was certainly interesting. We also met Ben that night for the first time in a record shop accross the street from the venue. Ben, you were all kindness and questions about why a 20 year old kid came to see you in Europe. But we talked for a little while and you put on a fantastic show. I saw you four more times on that tour and you were excellent everytime. I met Juan and DJ Evil Vince in Luxembourg on my birthday and Vince hooked me up with a copy of the set list.
Thanks for the memories. Saw you at the Tower in Philly last month and it got me back to those days of the great sounding indoor shows of the mid/late nineties.

cheers fellas, and see you soon, somewhere....