10.25.97 Munich, Germany

Strom with DJ Evil Vince

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Strom - Munich, Germany

Encore 2

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This was my first Ben show and it was amazing, this show sent me all over the place spreading the word. I was about to go to the show when my ex called and she was like can you get me a ticket at the door ( i had gotten her a ticket months before but she said she had to work that night, so i gave it to my friend)
and i said no way it's sold out! and even if theere is a ticket there'S no way i am missing this show standing outside waitiing for you to get to Munich ( she was at her parents house almost two hrs away and would not make it on time ) So i went with my friend Stephan and we had a few other heads we met up with who also wanted to go but had no tickets, one of them just walked in with us and when they asked him to show his ticket he played stupid ans the sold him a spot ( no ticket ) and he was in! The other friend lucked out when someone he knew left during the second song! There were a lot of folks looking for tickets and i had no idea that it would be that amazing of a vibe there.

Ben and band went on almost right on time ( no opener ) and the place ws packed! we were right up in the front off to the left side and had a perfect view for the whole show. Since i had not heard live Ben until then i was floored! It was as good of a set for a beginner show as i could have imagined. Jah work,Homeless child, Slamming Voodoo Child, and since the place was so small the sound was pumping ! I left that place just shaking my head and wondering why my other friends did not go as well... I wish i could see him in a place like that again. I think it was about 350-400 people max, Oh, and it was about