04.20.98 London, England

Royal Albert Hall with Paul Weller, DJ Evil Vince

I Was There
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Paul Weller (of The Jam) was a surprise opener at this memorable sold-out performance! The Eric Person Trio played horns on "Breakin' Down", "Gold To Me", "Fight For Your Mind", and "Mama's Trippin'." (Eric Person - alto sax, Kenyatta Beasley - trumpet, Jim Finn - tenor sax). "Waiting On An Angel" was released on the limited French edition of Burn To Shine and the limited Australian Burn To Shine single. Video of "Gold To Me" and "Fight For Your Mind" is included as bonus footage on the Pleasure + Pain DVD.

Who Went

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I was there!!!

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This was the fourth time seeing him ( had been at Rockpalast in Bonn the week before ) and this was an amazing show! I ahd the best seats possible!!

Paul weller ( introduced by a pint in the hand Noel Gallagher ) opened the show as a surprise guest with his band in an intimate acoustic show, very nice stuff. I had eaten a bucnh of mushrooms and by the time intermission came we bolted to the bar had a few pints and my other friends came down from up top and we ate more mushrooms and went back in only to find that it was an amazing set!
the hor section was great on Breaking down ( almost a carribea feel to it ) and I'll rise without a mike in front of 6000 people? remember my friend all the way at the top? He said you could here every note clear as a bell ! A great show and wonderful evening ! (the mushrooms wee amazing too!!!)