05.23.98 Angels Camp, CA

Mountain Aire Festival Calaveras County Fairgrounds with Pound For Pound, Spearhead, Leftover Salmon

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I took a "solo flight," to Angels Camp to see Ben Harper at this festival. Hard to imagine I couldn't convince anyone to join me for such a great adventure. I did make friends and managed to barter food & drinks in exchange for offering rides to fellow travelers heading to the Mountain Aire Festival. The thing to remember about this particular venue is the beautiful and unique culture of the people who annually gravitated to one another, all in the name of great music, camping, kinship...the simple interconnection of humanity. Having music and social gatherings tangled across the landscape brought people together in good spirit and love. Ben Harper was a great compliment to this all and a natural fit. He sang with passion and ferocity...I was up front, stage right and very happy : ) "Gold To Me," definitely makes me groove and "Roses From My Friends," seemed to be nearly a tearful feat of evocative intensity...I miss the Mountain Aire Festival & miss seeing Ben there.

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This was my first Ben concert. & man they jammed. Ben was in a great mood & he was close enough to almost hold his hand. There was plenty of dance room & men I danced my ass off. They played all of the classics, Gold to me, waiting for an angel & of course BURN ONE DOWN!!! This whole show was great Galactic, Phil & friends, Micky Hart, So many others....Ben rocked so much that I have takin my kids to 2 shows & my wife to 12 shows in So Cal.