05.27.98 Las Vegas, NV

The Joint @ The Hard Rock Hotel with Pete Droge

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Impressive. There were four people in the band including Ben. The stage was totally plain with only a few candles scattered around and a few tapestries covering amps and the chair he was sitting on. This was a mellow night of pure enjoyment. The crowd was full of young hippie wannabes, shakin' their money makers. Ben was incredible. He sat the entire time playing his signature accoustic Weissenborn guitar, and man does he know how to rip on it. There was Ben on guitar and vocals, Juan on bass, who was impressive in itself, he played a solo that got the whole audience tingling. Then there was a traditional drummer, and a Jamaican looking man playing the bongos, tamborines, morracas, chimes and other various instruments, all making for one hell of a sound. They played for two full hours, and when they played their last encore, the crowd was still beggin for more. This was by far one of the best concerts I have been to in a long time. It wasn't about special effects, fancy lighting, processed sound or any of that seemingly pathetic music that fills the airwaves these days, Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals are four talented musicians who remain true to their roots.