10.08.99 Berkeley, CA

Greek Theatre with The Funky Meters

I Was There
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What a night. The Innocent Criminals sold out the 8500 seat capacity Greek Theatre. This might just be the largest headlining crowd to date. After "Forgiven", a fan yelled to Ben to play some classic Ben Harper, to which Ben laughed and replied, "Classic Ben Harper? Is there such a thing?" After "By My Side" (which was performed with the entire band, as was "One Road..."), Ben spotted a fan in the audience and said "Nice shirt. I used to have the poster. And I got it at the concert too." Right before "Burn One Down", Ben asked a fan "Is that for me? I'll come get them later." At which point Juan walked to the front row and picked up a bouquet of flowers and delivered them to Ben. Ben commented about how much he liked playing the Greek and said "I wish I could play here every...single...day. We've been playing in basketball arenas." The first encore was performed solo acoustic.

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My third and possibly favorite Ben show. It was the last time I had the feeling that the audiance collectively understood that we were onto something special that the rest of the world was missing (a shared secret of sorts). Steal My Kisses was on the radio, but at this point it was still only the faithful that were ready to invest in tickets. Ben seemed happy as can be, and for the first time I understood why some folks love his BTS work (which, despite this show, remains my least favorite of his). But the apex of this fantastic show was the brilliant Ground on Down. I could just feel it in my bones. If anyone else was there, please post your thoughts... did this show blow your mind as it did mine?